1. Only thing you showed that I thought was a waste was the tool bar. I've rarely seen nuts that you could access with that tool. Stanley makes a 1/4" nut driver set you can get for $12 at Lowes that would serve you better.

    Great video though.

  2. Cool set up. For about $10-$12 you could have a case to organize all your cords and tech pieces. Just saying.

  3. no power bars you gotat aet

  4. 100 lumens isn't bright enough.

  5. Really good video, and some amazing kit

  6. Enjoy your vids next question where do you keep it all. I myself am a gear junkie and I go nuts try to keep it organized.

  7. Strange question. Where did you get your hoodie? The hand pockets at the top I like that idea

  8. But keep up the good work love the channel as you usually have awesome stuff and good points to make

  9. Sadly I have to agree with some of the reviews going gear is way over priced and sadly Tim you sound kind of like there pitchman instead of your normal noncomital reviewer

  10. Hey Tim great vid! You should do a review on the crkt batum please!


  12. Question, where did you get your hoodie? (I haven't watched the entire video yet but I am guessing that you aren't going to say in the video)

  13. Look, he openly said that this stuff was from going gear. It feels to me that he hand picked this stuff. Alot of youtubers go to going gear. I have had no problem with stuff from the site. Adpocolypse anyone? I dont think he is slinging crap to us. And if that stuff is from a site? so be it…ya'all dont smash on people sending you to amazon so they can make some bucks..whats the difference when its from a solid company in the USA…ya'all need to stop living under a rock, help this guy and a usa company .

  14. The only edc thing I could see in the Video is the bible. The old leatherman looks like a Christmas present from earlier days.

  15. subded love that benchmade wish I could get one

  16. Great stuff! I love that Osborne. What was the other knife you mentioned along with the Griptilian as an alternate? Thanks for adding the Bible!

  17. OMG your EDC is almost $2000.00 . Hope you never misplace that bag.

  18. As far as the strap on the back of the messenger bag, I know you stated you could use it around your waist, but it seems to small for that. To me it looks like a strap to attach the bag to the handle of a roll along suitcase while traveling.

  19. More of an advert for Going Gear than every day carry!!

  20. Benchmade makes tough ass knives. I had a folder I got for free so of course I abused the hell out of it including batoning fire wood & it took it all until I tried using it for a pry bar. Snap! Doh!

  21. going gear offering you kick backs on sales? This type of vid hurts the credibility of your channel bro. I mean its ok to partner up and make your money by recommending gear BUT to say this is your EDC configuration when its clearly NOT?? That's a trust destroyer. People will turn on you quick for shit like that. Good luck.

  22. Great Video. Good intro to some gear I have not seen before! Thanks!

  23. Nice and interesting edc….but I could not silence the little voice in my head that screamed "going gear commercial"…. and the investigator in me could not help to notice that all that good stuff from …what was the supplier again…ahhhh yeah….going gear…was brand new and not used at all… so I still like the products but I can't shed the feeling that some1 was somehow ….convinced to mention some products of….what was the supplier of all that nice edc gear….ahhh yeah going gear ….but that's just my feeling

  24. Why do u have a ring on ur right hand and why is it black ??????

  25. I want it all !!! Can't afford any ……

  26. Where did you get the hoodie?

  27. Thanks, Tim, great video. I love the bag. (I also love the Leatherman Juice S2, though the model you have — which is the better one — is no longer made. The new S2 is a little different and inferior, to my mind, particularly for the blade. Does GoingGear have the old one, like you show?)

  28. oh just wonderful, Tim said FLapjack, now i seriously want pancakes. Well anywho, nice video. i like the small cap bag.

  29. Great video. Keep up the great work

  30. Look like a 1000$ EDC too me!!

  31. I swear you are the bag king brother
    As Always a great video

  32. I enjoy your videos. You do a great job of expressing yourself and describing the important information of the gear you review. I do, however, find myself wishing for approx. price points of the reviewed gear. Thanks for the price point on the Osprey pack, BTW.

  33. Good video as always Tim. I have warmed up to iBooks on my iPad which cuts down on weight. Bible on the iPad as well.

  34. Everything you showed is very nice but all that gear you showed is over $500

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