Top 10 EDC Items You Should Own and Carry – #edcvideos

Top 10 EDC Items You Should Own and Carry on the JustBlueFish YouTube channel, home of high quality wristwatch and horology related reviews and videos.


  1. Is edc something American and possibly for people who live in small towns or rural areas? I live in a European city, work in an office and have no use for most of the items shown other than a wallet and a pen. I will wear a watch at all times, but I don't really need one,

  2. Guy, How do you fit all this stuff in your pockets? You must wear cargo pants still lol.

  3. All good content! #11 Firearm.

  4. Interesting video. For me:

    1.Cell phone
    2. Handgun (Model and style of carry varies)
    3. Pocket knife (Tool)
    4. Pocket knife (Dedicated SD)
    5. Flashlight
    6. Wallet
    7. Multitool (Occasional)
    8. Hand sanitizer

    I'm sure there's more that I'm not thinking of at the moment. I'm always scheming ways to make my daily carry items more streamlined or effective. I do have some thoughts to share. First, a flashlight IMO should have the ability to break glass and should have a strobe feature for self defense. A flashlight can be a remarkable self defense tool when used properly. The strobe function can disorient an attacker (or yourself, be careful!), and a glass breaking bezel can act as an impact weapon. Second, I carry two knives at all times. Why? Because one knife is a cutting tool. I use it to cut boxes, tape, and other things I might find a blade handy for. Then I carry a dedicated self defense knife that is always sharp, and of a style suited to fend off attackers. A knife used for SD should always be sharp and ready for use. I have a firearm that is my primary method of defending myself. HOWEVER, in close quarters a knife can be more useful than a firearm. A firearm is not a do-it-all self defense tool and neither is a knife, and one may be more appropriate than the other in a given situation. The most important thing you can do is TRAIN to use both of these items effectively. An EDC tool you don't know how to use may be nothing more than dead weight when you need it.
    Ultimately, EDC is a touchy subject for some (as demonstrated in these comments) and there will be a lot of varying opinions and ideas, especially when it comes to weapons. But it is nice to see what other people are carrying and why. Good information.

    Oh, about RFID blocking wallets:
    I quit worrying about that long ago because of things like this. If people feel better carrying them then they are welcome to do so. After all, it is for even the smallest shred of possibility that something may happen that we do what we do and carry what we carry, right?

  5. Like that Bad MF wallet

  6. My edc….7 items
    Car key fob
    Watch (g shock dw5600e)
    Wallet (front pocket style)
    Glock 43
    Spare mag
    Phone (has as flashlight)
    Knife (victorinox cadet)

  7. 11. PBR tall boys

    Joking aside, great vid and thank you.

  8. I really enjoyed this EDC video & ur utube channel , I especially like ur intelligence mixed with common-sense, and will be putting a few extra items in my backpack – thank you, best wishes Steve

  9. something different oh your beard

  10. All those Flashlights magnetizing those automatic watches

  11. This are great Items but they shouldnt be EDC. Some of this items should be carried in an emergency bagpack on your car house or when you go camping. I never needed a fire starter in my PANTS! for my everyday life and having it in my pocket is USELESS. Have it in your emergency bagpack is essential.

  12. At work, my Leatherman Surge gets used daily.

  13. Nice! I especially like the mention of cash!!! Often over looked can’t go wrong with cash. Aaaannnd for everyone that has commented “ oh I’ve gone my whole life without having to carry this or that, “ good for you. I would always rather have and not need than the alternative. Carry on people.

  14. Chance favors the prepared mind. -Louis Pasteur

  15. What is the best watch to wear to ward of coronavirus?

  16. Phone, keys, wallet and occasionally sunglasses. Even the wallet is rarely needed now due to contactless payments via phone. I think most of the stuff you mention would be good to keep in your car but EDC should be limited to the essentials.

  17. Great video Guy. Now along with some of my favorite watch reviews I now get great advice on great things to carry everyday. Thanks again Guy, Brian.

  18. But none of this stuff is zombie proof

  19. I'm not so sure if that Rolex has been a daily wear at all.

  20. For me, it's watch, phone and lightsaber.

  21. Flashlight for EDC ?!!! come on, man, whats with you. Total unrealistic thinking. I`m out of ur channel

  22. And not a single guy carries condoms 😅

  23. Hi mate love your channel always have can you pls review some affordable watches also pls.

  24. What about a cup in case you get stuck in an elevator for a long time and have to take a leak?

  25. EDC depends on the day type. Certain items for certain kinds of days, makes sense. And, just carrying something doesn't mean anything if you're not prepared to use it. Otherwise, what you really need is your thumb and a blanket for emotional security.

  26. Nice video with great suggestions. Thanks for featuring a photo of my pocket EDC. 👍🏼

  27. 1st, nice video quality.
    2nd, how are you not using a Field Notes notebook!
    3rd, anyone else think he had a Ron Swanson voice and mannerism?
    Good list, really like you're willingness to say not just what you like in your videos, but also what you've tried that hasn't worked like the higher end knives. Keep it up.

  28. I carried a multitool (leatherman skeletool) everyday for 12 years and aside from the blade, I only ever found I 'needed' the other tools exactly once; On a really hot day an electrical connection inside a fan was disconnected during class and I was able to use the Philips screwdriver to take it apart and reconnect the cable. Even here 'needed' is a bit of an overstatement. As a point of interest I grinded one end of the double ended bits into a sim pick/watch pin tool which comes in handy from time to time, but never 'save the day' type situation.

    I think a tiny folding blade (think Spyderco dragonfly) is more than sufficient and the weight and bulk savings add up when you take into account a good flashlight, which I find infinitely more useful than a set of pliers/screwdrivers. I personally carry a Fenix PD36r. This has been crucial in many situations and if it came down to it, imo, would be a better self defence option than a folding knife. I have used the strobe at night crossing a busy intersection on foot when the power was out to illuminate myself and bring attention to myself and I have held it in my mouth while needing both hands during a powerout (can't do that with a phone light).

    Now my edc is as follows:
    Tiny folding knife
    Tactical flashlight
    Hand sanitizer
    Reusable water bottle

    I don't see a purpose for some of the other things like cordage, a lighter or a notepad as edc items in urban environments. The only time I carry things like these are when I'm specifically going into an environment where they might be useful (fishing, hiking, camping etc). I'm just never going to need a fire in an urban environment and if I absolutely needed cordage (tourniquet or other lifesaving application) I could use my shoelaces.

  29. Are you living off grid somewhere in a wooded compound after the zombie apocalypse? Easy there, big fella…..Grab your wallet, phone and keys and go..You're gonna make it!

  30. Hi Guy. You should move to Switzerland. You would love it here : every house is required by law to have a fully equipped atomic shelter. Just the door to enter is around 12 inches of concrete and steel. Thanks for the video.

  31. You also might consider having some Aspirin- can save your life in case of a heart attack..

  32. EDC is the modern males handbag. Watch, wallet, phone & keys. Everything else is wankery.
    Here in Sydney some folks have turned into doomsday preppers & have bought up all supplies of hand sanitizer & toilet paper because of the corona virus. I get why people are hoarding the hand sanitizer, but bog roll? I didn’t realise explosive diarrhoea was a symptom.

  33. Student of the gun talks about the four things that should always be on you. Something lethal, something sharp, something medical, something bright. That plus my wallet, phone, and keys makes my daily life easier.

  34. Comment section seems to be an overlap of watch enthusiasts who vaguely think EDC is some concert thing and everyday folks who like to stack the deck in their favor against the unknown.

  35. For the light its not only the battery of the phone. The LED in the phone has a realy low lifespan because its only made for the view seconds of use by the flash for the camera.

  36. so this video is to prompt amazon FBA

  37. Perhaps the EDC item list in the video would be a good fit for the person who lives in rural area of USA (or why not also in Russia), where you have a chance to be stuck in the area with no people to help you, or your means of transport gets broken in the middle of the night and distance to the next house is really long and you need to do the repairs yourself. Also in these areas there is a chance of no cell phone signal, so it is better to be prepared with a tool in your pocket, bottle of water, and a flashlight.

    I live in Europe, mainly urban and well connected areas, thus from my experience this is what I essentially always need to keep safe besides me: apartment keys, wallet with my IDs and at least 100€ (to be able to pay a Taxi in case of emergency), smartphone, wrist watch, and a little bottle of liquid hand sanitizer (used only in case I touched some dirty surfaces and eating afterwards). What I need to also make sure is to have a pen and paper because I really needed to note down something important and smartphone is really impractical for such purposes. As for bottle of water, in urban areas where I live there are lots of kiosks where you can buy bottled water even in the middle of the night, so for me there is no need to always carry a 0.5 kg of extra weight in form of bottled water.

  38. Good gear, I always looked at EDC like this. If you were an action figure, what accessories would you come with? Me? I come with a knife, flashlight, prybar, lighter, and multitool. That's a good deal… 🤣

    I joke, badly, but really, if people can't understand carrying things that could possibly help them out with daily tasks, and maybe even save them in an emergency, idk what to tell em.

    I think maybe a lot of folks just don't use tools, and then wonder why others carry knives and multitools etc… Which makes sense, but, world doesn't move to the beat of just one drum and all that. Think thats something people are forgetting these days…

  39. No gun, no fun
    (plus a small med kit to control bleeding)

  40. And if I had to use one watch when SHTF with Corvid19, it would be a Casio G-shock with Solar, 6 Band which is very easy to wash and disinfect. Forget luxury watches bc you will get mugged for it.

  41. I’m an active guy, no way I could carry all this. A watch, a benchmade auto, maybe a pen light if I remember to grab it. Anything else is just cumbersome.

  42. I can't believe how many beta males are on here criticizing you for carrying a knife and a flashlight while patting themselves on the back for being completely unprepared for anything.

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