Top 10 LARGE EDC Folders!!! Best Everyday Carry Pocket Knives Over 3.5" Blades!!!! – #edcvideos

Top 10 list of the Best, MAN Sized Everyday Carry Pocket Knives!!!!

If you are looking for a great Man Sized EDC folder, pick anything on this list.

You’ll thank me later!!!!

Maxace Corvus-K
Aiorosu Tornado

Tuya Knife Cebu –

TUYAKNIFE ODM Tuya Knives - Talisman Ceramic Ball Bearing Folding Flipper Frame Lock Knife G10 Handle

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  • The perfect EDC knife for anyone who needs a reliable, hardworking, knife that performs with the best.
  • The blade fires hard and opens every time due to the flipper tab, ceramic detent ball, and caged ceramic bearings. With a light shake the blade falls shut.
  • The high saber grind and stone wash finish ensures that this blade slices like a kitchen knife but is still extremely tough with a 3.5 mm blade thickness at the spine.
  • The Talisman by Tuya Knives is built like a tank; made using high-quality materials & tight tolerances. The 3.5 inch blade made from Japanese AUS10 Steel (58 - 60 HRC) takes a razor edge and holds it for a long time.
  • The thick stainless steel frame provides a sturdy lock up while being easy to disengage. The contoured G10 scales provide superb grip and amazing comfort in hand, but unlike most G10 it won't tear up your pocket as you insert / remove it using the stainless steel tip-Up, right side only pocket clip.

CPM-S90V with Ti Liners

Spyderco Native 5 Lightweight Signature Folder Knife with 2.95" CPM S110V Steel Blade and Dark Blue FRN Handle - PlainEdge - C41PDBL5

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  • AN IMPROVED CLASSIC - The Native model has been a mainstay of Spyderco's product line for years as a result of it's superior quality and affordability. The state of the art Native 5 is available in an array of handle choices and colors.
  • USA-MADE - Spyderco takes tremendous pride in every knife we make, but the ones crafted in our Golden, Colorado factory are special because we invest a piece of ourselves in every USA-Made knife we create.
  • LIGHT AND DURABLE - This Native 5 handle is fabricated with Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon. FRN is a polymer mixed with glass fiber that is injection molded and formed into a sleek textured handle, creating a lightweight yet high-strength knife handle.
  • DEPENDABLE - If you are looking for control and precision, look no more. This knife features our PlainEdge grind which is known for creating a smooth and exact cut.
  • HIGH-STRENGTH LOCK - The Back Lock mechanism is known for it's high-strength and ease of use. The locking system is positioned on the back of the handle.

Budget version G-10 & 14C28N –

Cold Steel AD-10 and AD-15 Tactical Folding Knife with Lock and Pocket Clip - Premium S35VN Steel Blade, AD-15 Green

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  • RELIABLE AND USER-FRIENDLY: The most comfortable, user friendly, sub 4-inch tactical folder we’ve ever made! Modeled after Andrew Demko’s patented original, it offers ambidextrous operation and opens and closes with one hand
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE BLADE: The saber ground spear point blade comes with a false edge and includes jimping on the spine to assure great piercing ability and edge control when precision cutting is required; Made with premium, ultra tough S35VN steel
  • UNIQUE HYBRID HANDLE: The bottom portion of the handle has 3D-machined G-10 scales mated to steel liners, while the upper portion, called the "yoke", is crafted from a 3D-machined 6061 aluminum billet
  • FAMOUS SCORPION LOCK: Designed by expert knife maker Andrew Demko, the Scorpion Lock is virtually immune from failure since it is held securely by constant pressure from the compression spring with support from the user's grip
  • SMOOTH AND EASY TO DEPLOY: To open the knife, simply engage the thumb stud and watch the yoke rise up until it falls snugly into a deep notch cut in the blade's tang

Cold Steel AD-15

Kershaw Blur, Navy Blue Stonewashed (1670NBSW) Pocket Knife, 3.4” Stonewashed 14C28N Steel Blade, Anodized Aluminum Handle with Black Trac-Tec Inserts, SpeedSafe Open, Reversible Pocketclip; 3.9 OZ

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  • SpeedSafe Assisted Opening makes for easy one-handed safe opening with thumbstud
  • Reversible pocketclip allows for carry tip up or tip down on the right side using pre-drilled holes
  • Knife blade held in place with a secure liner lock, giving the knife a slim, sleek and stylish design while keeping the blade secure and the user safe
  • Trac-Tec inserts give quality grip and offers easy carry in all environments, including wet and marine conditions
  • Great EDC knife for anyone in need a reliable knife, including hunters, fishers, outdoorsmen, and users who enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, carving, camping and more

Spyderco Tropen

Spyderco Amalgam Premium Flipper Knife with 3.8" CPM S30V Stainless Steel Blade and Textured Carbon Fiber G-10 Handle - PlainEdge - C234CFP

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  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - Designed from the ground up as a practical, versatile working knife, the Amalgam combines all the advantages of Spyderco’s Compression Lock, a fully accessible Trademark Round Hole, and a flipper opener into one synergistic package
  • ERGONOMIC - The Amalgam’s handle features skeletonized stainless steel liners nested into textured carbon fiber/G-10 laminate scales. This keeps the handle slim and pocket friendly.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - The brainchild of a Mechanical Engineering student and knife enthusiast named Brian Lai, the Amalgam features a broad, drop-point blade crafted from American-made CPM S30V stainless steel
  • VERSATILE - It also rides on special low-friction ball-bearing washers that give it an incredibly smooth action and help ensure swift, positive, one-handed opening with either its index-finger flipper or its Round Hole
  • POCKET-FRIENDLY - It features a four-position clip and lined lanyard hole support all possible carry preferences. This allows the Amalgam to be brought into action quickly and positively with either hand.

Twosun TS-191

Tepe Hornet 2 –

Kizer G.P.B.1

Kizer Cutlery Folding Pocket Knives Drop Point Blade Titanium Handles Tactical EDC Knife, Justin Lundquist Wanderer Ki4500

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  • CPM-S35VN blade steel provides outstanding strength, edge retention, and corrosion resistance.
  • A large thumb hole opener provides ambidextrous, one-hand opening
  • Adding clean flowing lines to fill the hands with a sleek blade
  • Handle Material:Titanium /Blade Material:CPM-S35VN/Weight:4.76 oz(0.30 pounds)
  • Overall Length:8.06 inch(20.47cm)/Blade Length:3.44 inch(8.75cm)

WE Blacao

Spyderco Farid K2


  1. Nice list. What do you think of the buck marksman?

  2. Nobody ever mentions the Benchmade Contigo. It's scary and great!

  3. Nice list! I've never heard of twosun knives before. My TOPs CAT with g10 scales is my go to. Perfect sized fixed blade to carry on the daily. Anyone with twosun knives have any thoughts on their quality?

  4. Gerber icon at just over 9" overall

  5. Nice list of big knives… half are new to me. I really love the big TwoSuns.

  6. I usually only carry knives bigger then 4 inches. So they are mainly coldsteel. My favorite is g10 Espada large, spartan,vaquero xl, broken skull which is lite don't know any knife that big an that light. An last the code 4. That's my everyday carry one or two of those.

  7. I have real big hands but like smaller knives. However, the Microtech Socom Elite (manual) is close to perfection. 4” blade but the design and light but strong aluminum make it carry like a smaller knife. Tolerances are incredible. I don’t think you could get blade movement wiggling the tip with pliers. I have a lot of higher end production knives but the MT SE is my favorite.

  8. Wong from TwoSun is a incredible designer and could be doing so for any of the big name manufacturers, you ever wonder why he doesn't?

  9. Subbed! I no longer carry folders; but when I did, knives such as the ones shown, were my cup of tea. I'm on a 3"-4", fixed blade kick, now. Fixed blades are generally lower priced, quicker to deploy, stronger as a tool, and better as a weapon.

  10. As a man who loves large folders, my current favorites are the hogue x5(4” blade) and the civivi bullmastiff

  11. Awesome list I was hoping the Kizer Vanguard Sheepdog XL made the list though. That WE Blacau is the tits lol

  12. If you want large, look to Russia first, then China. It’s something US makers don’t do all that well, and fair enough as their market tends to demand small knives.

  13. Awesome list the ad 15 has been on my list for quite a while and there are some others here I need to check out now. Great video

  14. Cold Steel Spartan bb.
    In my mind, I save a big titty bimbo from 5 assailants and I get rewarded with a sloppy toppy.

  15. You won't find a better value than the Tepe Hornet 2, one cool thing he did on that knife was to coat the lock bar and it is uber smooth and great in every other regard, buy one if you can find one.

  16. Thanks for dropping the links, I love the look, feel, heft of knives in this category and the 3.75" blade is my gold standard although if it's the right knife I have no issue with a 3.25" blade like the 2 I have in front of me, the Liong Mah and Pena Lanny's Clip, 2 stunning knives by Reate. Great video by the way.

  17. Hello buddy. Cool post 👍. If you want to see more EDC content… It's over HERE:

  18. My absolute favorite for big is the Spyderco Manix 2 XL.

    I've also been enjoying the Twosun TS127's thiccdaddy scales lately. It's nice to see a long blade with thick handles that doesn't have blade stock like an axe.

  19. Just a heads-up, there's an easier way to measure blade length with calipers. That's why there is a little rod/bar that comes out of the end of the "handle". Use it & the very end of the handle as the "stop" at the blade tip. They were designed to be used in this manner as well.

  20. Hello, I hope that all's well with everyone/thing! I NEED to know what that particular knife was (a couple vids back) that had been sent to you "that looked like the lower side of a bat wing (All w's, also cost and link!)"🤔??? Thanks, take care, "God Bless", sincerely, Randy. 👍👍😇👊🙏🏻

  21. Dag-gum MAN SIZE 😂😎👍👍🍻🍻💥💥🔥

  22. Hell yea!!! Badass knives for sure!!!
    That k2 is fuckin glorious 😍😍

  23. Those maxace knives look interesting .i just got that ts127 in s90v it comes in m390 too .imus have a half dozen in different configurations

  24. Cold Steel AD10 ,SR1, Recon 1, or Code 4, Spyderco Manix 2 XL, Shaman, Hogue Ritter RSK, and OKC RAT1.

  25. The twosun ts190 is man sized and a great knife..dont forget the Shaman..

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