Top 10 Must Have EDC Pocket Tools | Best Everyday Carry Gears

There’s Never a Situation where a Pocket Tool isn’t Useful. Pocket Tools are Known for their Versatility, Reliability and Overall Function. It doesn’t Matter if You’re Out in The Woods or Using It for Everyday Carry; You Need a Pocket Tool to Complete Any Task with Ease. In This Video We are…


  1. I just love tools I can easily carry around in my pocket for their small design and versatility. Check out some interesting Free stuff here:

  2. Check out this channel. They do stuff with tools and more. At least soon they will.

  3. Honestly, no. I've never wished that my fish hooks could do more than just catch fish… have you?

  4. I've bought car's and motorcycle's for less than most of these, I've been camping since I was 12 and I've managed all that time using reasonably priced, fair quality gear with a bit of "Common sense" and never needed this "Gimmicky" shite. I have to question the morality of some of these companies that are telling "stupid" people that they will die if they don't own the "Shite" they are pushing on them, they tell them about this "Must have" "Shite" but never a mention of them actually learning how to use it. Earlier this year my 8yr old granddaughter who's autistic had to show a grown man how to start a fire with the "Bow Drill" she made for nothing, because he couldn't do it with the one he bought for £40, how mad is that???

  5. overpriced garbage hardly anyone needs …
    Still in need of a bottle opener ?? lmao

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  7. Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up

  8. dieses Messer ist 10/10

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