Travel EDC 2022 (Everyday Carry) – What’s In My Pockets Ep. 54

If you’re traveling in 2022, here are some of the best travel accessories and Everyday Carry (EDC) to take with you!


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  2. We need a camping edition!

  3. That run off pouch makes me think about suppressor pouches that are similar material

  4. Bro you gotta stop showing me bags that I love 😭 fr boutta sell my X-Pod so I can get one of the new Annex bags on pre-order

  5. Yooo what garmin watch face is that in the intro

  6. I always see stuff on your videos I like, until I see the prices 😬

  7. This has to be one of the best travel accessories content of the year. Especially the travel card, wallet, PD tripod and bag. Wish I was rich.

  8. These are great products but expensive af. 🤣😭

  9. Yes i was wishing for this type of video

  10. Peak design mobile tripod is incredible.

  11. I love my black ember kompak ❤️

  12. Can you do something for us tactical guys. I work at a pew pew store and your videos play on my computer all the time but it would be dope for military and law enforcement!

  13. You always make me want to spend money lol stop reviewing cool shi* my wallet can’t handle it lmao 🤣

  14. Bro how tf do you know I have a flight in some days

  15. Dislike!!! Always doing accessories for iPhone but not Android come on now bro.

  16. please post more stuff, i love your vids boy 👍🏽

  17. Is that monopoly money you got there in that wallet? 😉

  18. WetOnes… the most amazing find on this channel I use them daily !

  19. Can u replace backpacks with slings for some videos

  20. Thank you for including an anal pad

  21. Day 2023: still asking for a Engineer themed video.

  22. Most useful travel accessory – lounger beach towel clips. 100%.

    Somebody make innovative ones?

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