UK Legal Urban EDC Jan 2017 | Everyday Carry

My current EDC (every day carry). I live in the UK in a suburban environment and what I carry reflects that. Links for items in my EDC are below:

Olight Torch*:
Gerber Shard*:
True Utility Clippers*:
True Utility Lighter*:…


  1. Great video. I actually carry fire logs like that in my EDC pack when I am rucking. It makes a great way to add a bit of extra weight to the pack when tabbing and after a long winter march I can warm up with it after. 🙂

  2. I always wanted the tinker for the reason that I thought I would use the screw driver more then the corkscrew (because I never drink wine) but wearing glasses i find the mini screw driver that you put in the corkscrew more useful then anything so after months of wanting the tinker ended up with the climber and the scissors on the climber being a father of 2 I must use atleast once a day because the super tinker with scissors are hard 2 find but I know what you mean I feel naked without my swiss army knife

  3. pepper spray (mace) would be nice, is it legal in the U.K. ?

  4. look on eBay for Swiss tech key their good

  5. I read somewhere that gingers are dying out! 🙁 I don't want to live in a world with no gingers left. Have lots of ginger babies so we can reverse this horrible trend. Btw, love peanut lighters too. last much longer than zippos

  6. i have some good ideas ill post you a link if interested

  7. now i think about it there is quite a lot of uses for a glue gun i might have to start carrying one

  8. Maybe it was someone else but did you have a leg bag survival pack in one of your videos? I was sure you did but I can't find it.

  9. Good stuff! Swiss Army Knives are ideal!

  10. After watching this I had to purchase that True utility fire stash. Just bought two of them for my son and I from Millets. £5.60 each and buy one get one half price 🙂 (I do think it may be online only and with £1 deliver to store) Cheap as chips 🙂 Thanks for showing your EDC 🙂

  11. I would add a notepad, a folded plastic bag, a power bank and an AC charger, a microusb cable (useful with the power bank and the AC charger) a bigger torch than the one in your keyring to drop in your bag, some paper clip and safety pin in your tin kit or keychain, usb key (if may be useful for you) and last but not least a pouch (made by you?) for grouping small things like pens, lipbalm…

  12. Great EDC vid. Wish a nice lady like yourself could conceal carry pepper spray. I know in some Euro countries it is legal carry. Maybe sub a can of Lynx or Old Spice (nasty smelling stuff LOL). I would sure feel better if my wife had something like Pepper Spray when out and about. I guess I am a worry wart….

  13. I heeded your advice and started watching Vikings last night, and now I'm hooked. One question, though. In the first episode, they behead a guy accused of murder, and the executioner then holds up his severed head. Just to confirm: he is dead, right?

  14. I carry a tampon. 1 you just never know and 2 they make excellent fire starter. Loved the fire log, glue gun and potato. Thanks for sharing your EDC

  15. just bought two things of the back of this video well i bought some more stuff but im not telling anyone but a certain two becouse of this video lol atb gaz

  16. One thing I would suggest for your EDC is a small usb battery pack and a charging cable for your phone. You said your not very good at keeping your phone charged, this would be perfect and then you will have something to power the usb light too. I never leave home without mine and it has got me out of a jam or too! Why did i google moon cup, scared for life. Oh and dont forget the spare glue for the glue gun!

  17. Hey Sarah,
    I think the reason why men more often find stuff breaking on them is because we don't carry handbags/purses. Basicly we shove all the stuff in our pockets and god knows what happens there, clash, twist, break, when we move around.
    I personally still prefer a Victorinox Classic over nailclippers, you can use scissors for more utility and as soon as you clip a nail everyone around knows what you're doing and watches and I hate that.^^
    Since I've gotten into EDC my stuff has increased actually, I never used to carry a flashlight or a knife and all that but for example my keys has 4 things on it, prybar, Victorinox Classic Alox in lovely pink (coz manly AF^^), front door key and a leather lanyard that floats on top for grabbing. That's it. All other keys are on another keyfob because I don't use them daily. I like a zippo style lighter with a jetflame insert, like I said I have a tendency to break stuff, maybe not for you but since there is a cool factor to it, maybe a gift idea for your partner?
    I can't really add much, I feel like a repairkit would be good (tape, zipties, needle and thread, safety pins maybe) and I would pack more punch in terms of blade but I'm crazy on that too so… yea.
    Still love the videos!

  18. I always carry a notepad around, as I'm always spotting places, shops, names, that I want to check out.

  19. I've had my victorinox to clipers about a year and a half works great and I Google moon cup and I'm scared for life but still great video all the best

  20. Great EDC Video Sarah.

    Glad you reminded me about those micro usb lights again, that would go perfect in a thrunite powerbank too.

    Great end to video too, lol

  21. Some nice bits there and thanks for the mention atb wes

  22. do you know the olight i3s-cu? its like the expensive twin of the i3e: about the same size, heavier, brighter, 3 modes (i like having a "do not blindfold anyone while trying to read in the darkness" -mode ) . it IS realy expensive for a keychain AAA-light but …i like it a lot!!

  23. A potato, wish i had thought of that 😉

  24. You forgot the foil so you can bake that potato in the fire you make with the log and peanut lighter! ?

  25. I now must add a fire log to my daily backpack I carry. I don't know how I've gotten through life without having one of those handy at all times. LOL. 🙂 Loved the video!

  26. Wonder if that usb ligth would work out of a powebank? Usually carry one because keeping thee phone charged aint easy hehe. Also tuch- screen pen and usb stick ( with a portable OS )are handy items for me. Recently got a 20 quid back up nokia, for when i drop the iphone in the toilet :p my child started kindergarden last autom, i was ill for 6 months… enjoying your videos!

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