Ultimate Micro EDC (Every Day Carry) One Piece Christmas Gift (Victorinox Signature Lite)

Victorinox Signature Lite on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2XMEUIX

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  1. light dies = flashlight perma dead

  2. I think you picked a winner. Not only a good choice to introduce someone to edc but being a woman I think it would be great for us ladies to carry and to introduce more women to edc items. ??

  3. Ooo I like it a lot!! Perfect color choice too,I thing gr8 gift Idea!!

  4. Neat. I don’t have that one but I do have the midnight minichamp, pretty similar but you get the cuticle pusher and the orange peeler thingy.

  5. I'd wonder about the width.The nice thing about the classic is how slim it is, at only .345". For me, it means it can twist around and lay flat in my pocket, blending in with the keys. I personally would never use either the light or the pen. (That's how I ended up trying the classic – I never used my flashlight at all, in the whole time I've been carrying it.) I do use the tweezers about once a week for whatever, and the toothpick daily – sometimes several times daily. I think the scissors are great. My work uniforms are kind of wearing out, and I am constantly clipping threads. It's perfect for that. I also use the nail file quite a bit. I've only had the classic for about three weeks, and it's like I've always had it. I love it.

    For $16, in my opinion, the straight up Classic SD is a better deal.

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