Vigilance Elite – Everyday Carry Positions on a Motorcycle

Shawn Ryan of Vigilance Elite (FMR Navy SEAL and CIA Contractor) and Don Bradley of Cerakote Nation (FMR Green Beret and Government Contractor) give a quick down and dirty talk about where to carry EDC pistols on a motorcycle. Stay tunned for the end of the video.



50 thoughts on “Vigilance Elite – Everyday Carry Positions on a Motorcycle”

  1. Don, Shawn, my big concern is bumping up and down. Jaring the piece out of the rig. Side to side as Don says. Buano. But I can just picture looking in my mirror watching my shield 9mm bouncing off the pavement. Hey square me away. Make me feel your comfort. Copy.

  2. New to the channel I like it. Also new to carrying a weapon. Not new to riding. Ive been wearing a clinger no print wonder everyday for 3 months. At work on creapers rolling around on floors it does not budge or even grab my attention( do to speak). I had to get into a ditch full of water to hook some chains on a car so i put my gun in glovebox of wrecker my boss looked suprised lol i told him ive been wearing this in front of him for months reaching climbing the whole bit. So i guess it is a no print wonder. Yes i know how old this vidio is like i said just noticed you on here thanks for sharing youre knowledge

  3. The best tip here is don’t listen to any of it, when you carry, you carry the same way every time so your efficient and know what your doing when shit hits hits the fan

  4. All that rattling is because the Hd you are riding is falling apart! Shoulder holster is the only way! If you get the hd death wobble that gun in the small of your back will break your spine!

  5. I carry in a concealed vest when riding and or at 3-4 o'clock , after 16 yrs legally riding and 13 yrs concealed carry I got pulled over for brief exposing weapon in Florida cop was a dick supervisor showed up was cool told be to have a good day and basically told the officer he was a idiot

  6. Am I crazy or didn’t y’all release a video with Don Bradley going over everything y’all both EDC? I could’ve sworn I watched it and that’s where I heard about the ball bearing……strategy. I can’t seem to find it though.

  7. Great to hear Shawn say that it's never comfortable to carry inside your pants outside a small pocket carry. I hear so many say it's no biggie and hardly know they're carrying. Bull. First of all you should always know you are carrying, but it's never comfortable unless you have an outside holster or small pocket carry. Even the holster is a pain at times.

  8. What kind of holster do you use for your glock I have a mission first tactical for my 19x but I'm buying a glock 30sf soon and want a good holster for appendix

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