What does a cop carry off duty? Police Officer’s EDC (everyday carry). – #edcvideos

In this video I go over what I carry off duty and talk a little bit about why. What’s in your EDC? What do you think of mine? Leave a comment below! Individual …


  1. Love the EDC and the way yu explain the amount of rounds that yu will need in an ideal citation, by yu being an officer , cause shield arms carry an 15 round mag, and yu didn’t even mention it, awesome

  2. Experienced police officers carry their "shield" separate from their ID. Reason being, if they are in a situation where a robbery is happening, they can dump the shield and the ID will be someplace discreet within the wallet so if searched, the bad guy won't know they are a "law enforcement officer" and shoot them. Buys time. That's why smaller handguns, pistol or revolvers are favored for off-duty concealment.

  3. I think your too paranoid.  I just carry a Swiss Army knife.

  4. God damn that is a dirty gun, you can take some time to make a video take the time to clean the gun

  5. Good presentation, looking forward to seeing your new videos. You should have more subscribers.

  6. Awesome EDC.
    But holy crap you say off-duty like 18 times we get it you're a LEO.

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