What does a Navy SEAL / CIA Guy Everyday Carry (EDC)?

Former Navy SEAL/CIA Contractor Sean Ryan talks about his everyday carry (EDC), what is in it, why he carries these items, and why he is a minimalist.
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  1. Trying to explain to the wife why i need a 15 thousand dollar watch but she's not buying it 🙁

  2. Buy a replica Rolex Submariner. They are designed so well that you can’t tell it’s fake unless you have a real one to compare it to. Costs $250.

  3. Sean applies his deadpan drama for this.

  4. That Rolex idea is pretty neat

  5. Finally a realistic EDC pocket dump

  6. Hopefully my Casio Rangeman will get me a Yugo or moped.

  7. I’ll trade you a piece of shit Corolla for the Rolex. Hit me up!

  8. whats the holster company called?

  9. By far the best EDC video I have ever stumbled upon. Just took out a high interest loan for that Rolex. NO REGERTS.. ????

  10. Great tip on the Rolex watch I always thought they were for just douchebag types.
    It makes me realize how much a $25,000 trade could mean especially in the Apocalypse

  11. After my movie deal, I'll consider getting some of these upgraded items. For now, I'm carrying Bitcoin as my EDC. Check out the Hellcat (extra bullet)

  12. "I want to carry a fu$king Rolex "is good enough for me. Call me old but dont overthink the feel of a high quality watch its last several lifetimes.

  13. I carry casio. A wallet without cash just debit card and steal my corrolla at gun point. Small prepaid smartphone that comes few goodies

  14. This was a lesson in slow talking.

  15. God thank you for the phone light. Fuck maybe someone will listen to you. Shit is so stupid needing to carry like 4 lights because of whatever dumbass reason someone on YouTube told them. Haha.

  16. You crack me the fuck up ! Keep it up

  17. Carrying way too much stuff

  18. Yes, but was your edc loadout in St Louis? More? Or less than Yemen? Rolex or extra ammo?

  19. has money
    works for the United States government

    is sponsored by the United States government

  20. He's got a point about the watch, it work for John Candy and Steve Martin in "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" it was a cheap watch and they got a cheap motel room with a single bed! Funny thing is neither one of them slept on the floor.

  21. What is on your other wrist if you don’t mind me asking besides the “Toyota Corolla” in your other wrist

  22. Not gonna lie…. i want that shirt.

  23. What is your opinion on people with minimal training or experience carrying, open or concealed?

  24. Considering he could probably kill all of us with a single gummy bear, I’d say he was still carrying quite a lot of gear

  25. Best advice ever. “It’s a fucking tool, don’t overthink it.”
    People look way too into minor things and try to be tacticool. If you’re concealing, make sure you are comfortable with it and it goes bang when you need it to. The gummy bears are also very important so don’t fuck around without them.

  26. This guy is such a chode, navy seal… CIA contractor. What a douche

  27. Just carry the cup. You never know what you can get yourself into, and out of, with the cup.

  28. Nearly twice as long as it needs to be but good content

  29. I love how you subtly or not so subtly show off your Merch in your videos… Hilarious.

  30. Probably the most realistic pocket dump ever…bet everyone one was expecting him to have every EDC crap of week in his pockets tho lol.

  31. “cause i fuckin wanna carry a rolex”

  32. I get you got your Rolex overseas for 1/3 of the price we pay in America too!

  33. Ur background is fuckin tight

  34. Coolness level: 1000
    Excitement level: 0

  35. As a child of the 90s and of a colder climate, a flannel is the most important part of your EDC. Idk how many times a flannel has gotten me into restricted areas simply because anyone wearing flannel knows where they are going.

  36. i want to know where did u got the bracelet tho

  37. Your personal carry should be personal. I personally don’t care what other personnel personally carry as long as it is his personal carry and he’s personally comfortable carrying it on his personnel

  38. Great vid Shawn, best wishes from the UK ????

  39. My transformation is almost complete just need the chest hair

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