What’s In My EDC Bag? | Everyday Backpack Update 2022

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  1. Says Leatherman free p4 links p2… I'll take both

  2. What watch are you wearing?

  3. Long cables come in clutch! Killer loadout!

  4. I cannot understand the recent interior water bottle trend. This bag would be nearly perfect if it had external water bottle pockets

  5. Cool bag👍 But internal bottle pocket is not acceptable for me in EDC bag 😒 I carry small First aid kit in my bag, just in case.

  6. Nice backpack and a nice loadout! Where do you get the water bottle? What brand is the bottle?

  7. I recently upgraded my EDC bag, and you are totally right. Got a Condor Venture 27.5 bag… as soon as I got a chance I filled it with. A bunch of stuff I will never need. Still figuring it out

  8. Goruck echo will fit all this for anyone wondering. And compact.

  9. I have the same problem, if I have a large bag I stuff it, if I have a small bag I stuff it..

  10. Love the video! … I carry a Saddleback Leather for my shoulder bag (work), satchel (EDC) and backpack (travel) … Might be a little heavy but they will most likely outlast me if I take care of them.

  11. I carry a rain coat that stuffs into it's own pocket and a shemagh in my bag. Both have come in handy especially having kiddos. The shemagh has acted as a blanket more than once.

  12. I just ordered backpack #27 but now I want this one

  13. I would like to see your wife/girlfriend's take on all of this, your spending, sorting. Also i would like to see her EDC. Is she interested in all of this as well and how do you guys do it to get all this stuff! love the content, keep up the great work. FYI you were the first channel about EDC that I started following and have learned a lot from you. thank you for all the videos and tips, blessings.

  14. Bag looks great all around except the inside cup holders. What a terrible idea on a backpack lol

  15. Not having a bottle holder on the outside is just piss poor design. Who doesn’t carry a Nalgene or Hydroflask with them regularly. Why would we want to reach in the bag, also takes up internal storage, to get a bottle out?

  16. Check out the incharge X, it can replace most if not all your cables.

  17. I think a sling carry video would also be good since many edc people use slings a backpack is cool but often overkill for every day carry unless you need to carry a laptop or documents

  18. Has anyone made reviews or explanation of solid cologne? I am interested but not sure how well it compares to regular spray cologne

  19. I'm in a wheelchair and I'm loving this video! I use a backpack every day of my life for as long as I can remember.

  20. Love the hook and loop inside!!!
    Could you review the Streamlight wedge please?

  21. You definitely need to check out Ankers new GaN Prime series of chargers. Just released them last month and they put out more power in a smaller form factor than anything else. Got the 120W charger and it's half the size of the old 100W. They also put out a 150W charger.

  22. You should give the Vertx Ready Pack 2.0 a shot, it's a larger bag but I believe it would be right up your ally even though I don't know if you conceal carry. I absolutely love mine!

  23. Get a YETI bottle no sweat! 😅

  24. I've been debating on getting this bag for a while now….probably will if I ever catch them on sale. I love my little Carbide 8, and I'm a sucker for the multicam black as well. I know it's not supposed to be a "tactical" bag, but I am kind of surprised they didn't include at least some molle on the sides to attach their water bottle holder. (at least on the multicam models) I just don't want a cold bottle that's sweating condensation inside the pack.

  25. Love the channel. I upgraded from an Intel Macbook Pro 16 to the newer Macbook Pro 14 with the Apple silicon (M1) I highly recommend the upgrade. You can pick one up for a good deal now.

  26. I have the 25… one of a handful of backpacks that will fit a Razer 17.3" along with a 17.3" portable monitor and VR headset. Plus the black camo is purdeh ; )

  27. Nice loadout man! I am a sucker for a good bag and I like this one. Thanks for sharing. Also, the 15ft cable is an awesome idea I am definitely getting one. Do you like the All American Maker cologne better than the Musk & Hustle one you used to use?

  28. do you carry that fixed IWB? im curious about that clip!

  29. Багатенько усього… Навіть цікаво, як часто це використовується?
    Дякую за огляд👍👍👍

  30. Sick video, needed something to more effectively carry my gear

  31. I usually edc a Fjallraven Singi 20, it's about the right size and I already had the accessory pouches and pockets from my Singi 48 so I can swap out what I need and don't need

  32. What happen to the mystery Ranch ruck sack 15, is that no longer the best bag you had?

  33. I love this bag, been carrying it everyday for a year.

  34. Lovin' the hair! Looks majestic.

  35. Sew on some MOLLE loops to the side of the bag and add a Vanquest hydra water bottle holder!

  36. It would be interesting to see what you have in your truck to maybe give me ideas on my ride edc game

  37. Truest statement ever. You will fill whatever size bag you have 😂

  38. Suggestion…small stop the bleed kit and a tourniquet.

  39. You sir, need an insulated water bottle. Ice won't cause condensation inside your bag.

  40. Nice update, great video. I'm surprised you do not carry the orbitkey nest, why don't you?

  41. I honestly don't think I could invest in a bag with inside bottle holders. Nifty stash spot, but trying to grab a quick drink or having all that moisture inside the bag. Nah, that's a bad design for sure. Be my luck, I'd not put the lid on right and soak everything in there.

  42. Step 1: Look for thing
    Step 2: Blame wife
    Step 3: Find thing
    Taylor is human.

  43. Great video! Just FYI I switched from my intel 2019 16" macbook pro to a tiny M1 macbook air and it outperforms it in every way

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