What's In My Pockets Ep. 19 – Back-To-School 2020 EDC (Everyday Carry)

It’s a new year so time for some new gear aka EDC (Everyday Carry, and heading back to school in 2020, you want to look fresh. So here’s some back to school tech, supplies, and EDC to help you stand out this semester on campus and well… off campus too.


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  2. Associates in applied sciences (trade of choice was auto body and customization) with another degree coming soon (currently standing by for my business)

  3. "Repels water like I repel women…" lmao

  4. What kind of pants are those tho….

  5. Yo what’s up you responded to me last time so what’s up

  6. “What I carry in my pockets”


  7. Do the peak design everyday bag I need to no how to accessorize it

  8. I feel like you should add the prices

  9. They don’t have the lighter case no more

  10. I thought this was a back to school video, but there's no guns on this list smh


  11. Graduated in 2015 with a BA in Business but I still love to watch these back to school videos.

  12. Love mostly every items in this video except for the Lew case.

  13. No assault rifle for back to school?
    Edit: Canadian I see makes sense then.

  14. I don't know in your country, but in mine, the Apple Watch is not for class reminders … it's for test answers hahaha

  15. Uni pen I got one, it lives in my work backpack, I really like it and I don't loan it out. For my EDC pen I use a Fisher Bullet pen in black of course.
    FYI your link for the Uni pen is cheaper than my Amazon App price. ✌️

  16. I wish I could give this multiple thumbs down.

  17. There's no way you carry all these things everyday. Cool items though and cool commentary

  18. Excellent videos! Will you also share some good earbuds for back to school? Thank you

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