1. No hate but I think you should add the prices in the vids. Luv your videos tho

  2. well you made my day, funny and educational good job man.

  3. I ordered the carved wallet hahaha

  4. This was a good video keep it up mate

  5. u must have a lot of cards

  6. "Lets..check it out"
    Floor: Ah shit here we go again.


  8. Distil Union changed the elastic strap to one that is 1/4" wide and doesn't work as well as the wider one.

    Edit: I'm 99.9% sure I bought a knock off, the one I have says distilunion as the logo, and theirs only show distil, gonna go order one directly from the site

  9. Nobody says 20 loonie bill. Is that an Eastern thing?

    Source: I am Canadian.

  10. I don’t like taking photos

  11. Gotta go with the classic pepperoni.

  12. Prosciutto and a runny fried egg

  13. Why do you have a distill union case? To store my Tile Slim. Why do you have a tile slim? To find my distill Union case

  14. How to be successful on Youtube = copy PM colorgrading with a lot of energy and Babish speaking cadence.

  15. Please unbox and review "Vamsum Evoke 19TH Edition Anti-Theft 35 L Laptop Backpack (Black)"

  16. dont use appl left that company so fast since long time worst slow product with bad software and for beginners only huge failed product

  17. the crazy focusing and small DOF hurt

  18. You should review the Mystery Ranch mission duffel bag (55 liter)

  19. Please do a fanny pack edc

  20. I have an awesome idea regarding 'minimal' wallets. Take, for example, your current leather wallet. Pull that sucker out of your pocket, whether back pocket or front. You see how thick it is with all those cards, children's pics, receipts, cash, etc? Now take ALL of it out. Only put back your driver's license, medical card, your bank card, an emergency credit card, and your cash. That's it, now your thick-ass wallet is now minimal.

    Seriously guys, a man's wallet used to represent his accomplishments and successes. Nowadays men are changing it up for some piece of crap metal and small strips of leather and rubber? No thanks. I'm keeping my Lambskin Tumi wallet and only putting in it what's truly needed to keep it thin.

  21. Will you ever do a BTS video of your filming process?

  22. Leather EDC organizer review would be dope!

  23. i love show you hit, shake scratch and mercilessly but without damaging beat the heck out of your products.

  24. Aren't you the gay guy from hot rod?

  25. Like if you want to see an EDC for Android episode 👍👍👍

  26. Pepperoni, sausage, green olive.

  27. Travel/passport wallets/gear

  28. I.D. on those cover all's?

  29. For God's sake please stop tapping and beating the stuffs. The sound is terrible

  30. Lots of cool stuff. Nice video👌

  31. Cool way to wear overalls. May I know where you got your black overalls?

  32. What's your phone wallpaper

  33. informative and entertaining! boom

  34. Another great video showing off gadgets. Where's your Travel, Urban Travel, Car Travel, Overnight and Weekend Carry ?

  35. Pepperoni is my fav pizza topping

  36. You should have a "Guess how much this all costs" segment at the end. Make me feel poor

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