What's In My Pockets Ep. 23 – Peter McKinnon's EDC (Everyday Carry) – #edcvideos

I got to empty Peter McKinnon’s pockets, checking out his EDC (Everyday Carry) in this episode – basically, he likes to keep it simple and stylish. A lot of gold and …


  1. @accessorizeme, you should do one with garand thumb

  2. I’m a card magician. When he cut those cards it hurt me

  3. Do a video like this with best damn edc and talon sei

  4. “He has the Apple AirPod pros like the rest of us chumps.”
    Me: laughs in broke

  5. Bro, this is the exact direction you should be taking your channel!! Get more guests on here and you’ll be blowing up like a balloon

  6. Peter's table top will carry scars of this collab

  7. Peter McKinnon sent me ! Love what you do.

  8. I remember when Peter McKinnon FIRST made his YouTube page….boy hit a Millie in half a year

  9. I wonder if Peter knows there is a dick in his notebook.

  10. awesome stuff. What LUT's do you use to grade your videos? (Table shots as well as your face shots)

  11. Don’t wanna knock this time to knife?

  12. Love this! Subbed to your channel and enjoy the ASMR slash DESTRUCTION! Pete sent me here btw😂

  13. Oh its a "nose" ……. got ya.

  14. Maybe Donald Trump …..can you

  15. Awesome video man! I really loved the solid brass dice. Hey i have a Tascam dr-05x and an Evistr V508 that I use for audio capture for video games could you do a video about audio gadgets/tech edc for on the go recording? Or maybe a usb powered edc? Thanks again for the awesome videos dude!

  16. Omg peter letssss gooo soon more YouTubers 🙌🔥

  17. He reminds me of how to basic when he throws the items on the table

  18. Wow. Ps peter sent me.

  19. Interesting style Vincent ! 👏 👏 👏
    Love it ! 👍 😉

  20. Who else came from Peter's video?

  21. I really like your videos, you always bring me a lot of motivation to make videos myself. Thanks for that! Stay as you are 🙂

  22. Lmfao Peter's face being called a "small" creator 😅😅😅

  23. These EDC's are NOT EDC's, no frkin way some of these these youtubers actually carry some of these items EVERYDAY. They need to be called something else

  24. Love it! Came over from Pete's!

  25. I can only dream of having AirPods

  26. What about Unbox Therapy?


  28. After watching PM's video I made it here

  29. Lol at what you wrote at that notebook!

  30. Awesome, as always. Thanks to Pete for the collaboration 👍🏽

    Ok………Judner next.

  31. the hole mod makes me sad

  32. Peter in the mix now , wow

  33. Hey see already have subs and subbed anyway. Get into Potato Jets pocket

  34. That was an onslaught of awesomeness!

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