What's In My Pockets Ep. 24 – EDC Multi-Tools (Everyday Carry) – #edcvideos

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  1. What theme y’all want to see next?!

  2. New studio…. cool!

    We love our Bigidesign gear, backed loads of there stuff on kickstarter and always had amazing customer service from them. I am interested in the Gerber, looks Looks like it would come in handy.

  3. I don't want to physically harm you. The last sentence was a lie. The way your fucking ADHD-ass slaps and throws around every single item is so fucking annoying, holy shit! 😪

  4. Awesome vid and wicked gadgets! Thanks so much. Quick question. What best do you have on in this vid. Maybe I missed it, but can’t seem to find the brand and/or model. Looks wicked!! Thanks and best of luck.

  5. My edc is a Gerber suspension, Gerber fast ball, and a coast g20 flashlight.

  6. For the m100 how did you get those attachments can't find them anywere?

  7. I am crying at the inch ruler comment.

  8. You going out to build a snowman bro? 😆

  9. Aside from being informed i also am highly entertained by these videos of watched like ten in the past hour of my day and im crackin up keep it up man these are freaking great

  10. I like your reviews, but, I do wish you’d not smash stuff together like you do. I know you are probably doing it to show how rugged things are, and that is a good idea, but I think it’s a wee bit excessive sometimes 😁

  11. I carry a James Brand knife, space pen and the NEBO 4000 lumen rechargeable keychain light.

  12. I carry a bench made pocket knife, a small Swiss Army knife, a zippo lighter, my wallet, my phone, and my keys

  13. Step it up my dude, I love your videos but lately they look like crap companies send you for free. Bring us the cool stuff man!

  14. I carry a knife around, which is technically a tool🤷‍♂️😂 i also got a dango wallet which is pretty handy

  15. Do one for bike multitools

  16. nice stuff.. aldo for a wrench nothing comes close to the knipex plier wrench 125mm!

  17. I'm looking for a good everyday carry backpack. Nothing too tactical looking as I'm a girl. Currently carry a Crossbody bag but want a backpack instead. Something with lots of organization that isn't bulky and will make me look like a ninja turtle. Any suggestions

  18. I use to carry a Swiss Card but then it broke after a year and I didn't buy another.

  19. Never knew How To Basic had a brother

  20. this fast video is so annoying. just do it at regular speed.

  21. Thanks for the video. The subject matter is interesting, but your rapid hand movements are annoying and detract from your message.

  22. $125 for the Bit Bar??? No thank you!

  23. What kind of colored backdrop mats do you use for your videos? Seems heavier duty than poster boards with all that banging.

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