WHAT'S IN MY TECH BAG 2020 (A Coach's Everyday Carry) – #edcvideos

ipadpro #bag #everydaycarry #macbook Today we go inside WHATS IN My EVERY DAY TECH BAG 2020 and see what are some of my go to items to travel or …


  1. I am so glad I found your channel! Oh also for your question I've seen most other Youtubers use the Samsung T5 as their SSD, so maybe look into that one 🙂

  2. Why do you carry two iPads lol 😂

    I’m j curious lmao

    Great vid tho!!

  3. 3rd vid I've watched – ur doing an excellent job – well film

  4. Just subscribed to your channel. Keep up the great should look at the Apple Pencil clone from over at aliexpress it costs $17 or you can buy the same thing over at amazon.com but costs $40 but you get prime shipping.
    Also Noah Herman (a YouTubed) made video about the $40 Apple Pencil clone, also you can search aliexpress and get the exact same thing for $17 but it will take long to arrive. Tell me if you need the link, would love if you would make a video on it.
    Cheers mate

  5. Coach, I love that bag… Awesome stuff and great vid. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. This ones audio is not great. Eventually a shotgun mic may help. Your next vid had better audio but maybe you were closer to your camera. Great work.

  7. Are you gonna do basketball tips? Lol you have a hydro flask. Great videos.

  8. Please give me some feedback on how can help you stay #PluggedIn! Thanks for Watching!

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