1. If you're in California you're screwed. You're not allowed to protect yourself.

  2. Please consider a video for the individual who has a chronic or permanent injury such as arthritic hip, bum knee, spinal degeneration, nerve issues, etc.. This is serious since many of your viewers are prior service with dinged-up bodies or good patriots who want to learn from experienced professionals what can be applied when an injury is ones unfortunate edc. I enjoy your videos and subscribed. Thank you.

  3. Jokes on you, you are not allowed to carry knifes, guns or flashlights that looks "tactical" in Sweden. Because it may be used to hurt people. (our government doesn't know that criminals are criminals because they don't abide by the law)

    Actually, you are not even allowed to properly defend yourself because you use an excess of force, which include knocking someone unconcius if they are robbing you with a knife/gun as an example.

  4. That’s a huge handgun to carry, I like Glock 26.

  5. You don't have to carry a pistol. If you do, just don't pick the M9.

  6. Do you also put your seat belt on before a car crash? How can you plan on needing a pistol

  7. Don't carry in your purse, it needs to be on your person.

  8. This lady is holdin the gun with the stock over her shoulder 2:57

  9. I do carry a pistol everywhere I go, but it is very small, and easy to carry. I live in a safe area, so I’ll probably never need to use it, but I like knowing I have the ability to protect myself and my family just in case.

  10. You do you. And I still enjoy your content. But I disagree partially here.

    About 40K people die each year in car accidents (USA).
    About 15K people are killed each year (not suicide) by guns (USA).
    About 30K people are non-fatally injured each year by guns (USA).
    And there are hundreds of thousands violent crime each year (USA).

    Statistically, you are just about as likely to be killed by your car as you are by another person with gun. But I bet you still wear your seatbelt. Avoidance is king. No doubt. But the time chooses you. I'd like to be prepared.

  11. Thanks for the video, glad to hear your input on what makes the grass green. Keep at it Lt. Col

  12. This dude flexing on us with that loui belt.

  13. White dudes always have them sunglasses 😎😎😎

  14. I saw at least 90%+ of the people with handguns in the pictures with their finger on the trigger! IT’S NOT A FINGER REST, ONLY PUT YOUR FINGER ON THE TRIGGER UNLESS YOU’RE READY TO FIRE!

  15. My EDC:

    iPhone xr with Mous Case
    Mous Card Holder
    Pocket knife
    Leatherman Wave +
    G-Shock Watch
    Small flashlight
    Small IFAK

  16. I'll grab my Western gunslinger belt filled with tampons.

  17. Stay strapped or get clapped

  18. What about in the UK ?

  19. 0:26 that women seems fishy. 😂😋

  20. Sell your guns 😂 and buy a baseball bat

  21. You can stay out of a lot of trouble you’re simply not a dumba*s, and don’t let yourself get puffed up with pride. 99% of confrontations can be avoided if you don’t feel the need to smash someone for running their mouth, and practice reasonable situational awareness. The best advice I’ve received is to know beforehand who or what and why you are willing to defend , kill for, and possibly go to prison for. As a non-law enforcement civilian, that list is pretty short- my loved ones. What good are you to your family sitting in prison for years having punching an idiot running his mouth: who subsequently fell, hit his head on the curb, and died? Unlikely? It does happen. If a “threat” falls outside the scope of your predetermined “what you’ll fight for” parameters, move along and call the cops. My only exception to that rule is an active shooter type of situation where stopping that threat could save a lot of lives.

    My EDC may or may not consist of (it depends)
    Glock 43 9mm
    38 special backup
    4inch switchblade
    D ring- not illegal to possess but can function as brass knuckles or hooking chain to hitch to help someone out of a ditch
    Decoy wallet- hand the bad guy a fake (real one should be very low profile/minimal and not print-don’t carry in back pocket)
    Small flashlight
    Always dress to blend into environment

  22. Definitely interesting points you raised there! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Can you do a video on how soldiers clear houses, it looks like every man has a certain role and responsibility when interning a room. Do these roles have names? Just interested 🤷🏾‍♂️

  24. Cellphone, keys and wallet

  25. I always carry. Even if it's a taser and not a handgun.

  26. Could you do a video about TACP officer and Special tactics officer(STO) both in the Air Force? Thank you very much.

  27. You should do a 10th Mountain Division video

  28. Yes! Another awesome upload! I’m a huge fan of your channel!

  29. Shameful advice. its like saying i live in an upscale neighborhood , so i don’t need to lock my doors. Don’t listen to this guy, he will get u and ur family harm. protect yourself. ccw guns are easy to carry and less burdensome compared to a desert eagle. Unsubscribe.

  30. So what you're telling me is good neighborhoods dont get robbed or burglarized lol yeah ok

  31. So happy to see you posting another video! My favorite videos are the ones that apply military methods of handling thing to civilian methods. Love the videos

  32. Guy at the end has finger on trigger and shoots his left ass cheek… didjasee it?

  33. My EDC
    ZT pocket knife
    Casio watch
    Galaxy s10+
    My safety/sunglasses
    And in about 7 months I'll be carrying my glock 48

    (I'm 20 right now)

  34. Yay, you uploaded again!

  35. Besides the belt, wtf is with the 92fs? I would carry a slingshot over that brick.

  36. So you telling me that going to the grocery store with an M249 and an RPG is to much?

  37. Didn’t expect Louis Vuitton

  38. And This Is Why I Advidly Subscribe To The Life Is A Special Operation ® You Tube ® Channel. Thank You For Another Informational And Motivational Video.

  39. 4:29 Imagine holstering a pistol and shooting your ass off lol

  40. I understand your message but always gun evil goes to good places aswel like school and church.

  41. For once I have to disagree on one thing in your video. Always carry a firearm. You'll end up needing it when you least expect it.

  42. I carry everything on the list just in different configurations

  43. The Louis belt in the thumbnail really hit me for some reason

  44. Better to have one and not need it than need it and not have one

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