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  2. Do you still like and use the gerber fastball?

  3. I didn’t like my Spyderco Para at first but now that it’s broke in and I’ve been playing with it for a month I love it. I carry it instead of my Benchmade now too.

  4. He just interrupted his ad with an ad?

  5. airpods? probably not a good idea having bluetooth beaming into your brain for hours at a time.

  6. My man finally came to the spyderco side of life

  7. Most of the olight flashlights can be locked by holding down the button for about a second. If you hold it down for another second, it unlocks.

  8. Try the Para 2 it's pretty similar just a little bit bigger

  9. I always have a “handkerchief” (as you call them) in my pocket. However, I call them a “sweater”. My middle son came up with that name when he was about 3 yrs old. I was outside working and sweating really bad. My son noticed and came running in the house and yelled “Momma! Daddy needs a sweater!”. She didn’t know what he was talking about and said “it’s over 100 degrees outside, what would he need a sweater for?”. He replied “You know! To wipe his sweat!”. It’s been called a “sweater” in my family ever since. Lol. Kids have a way of boiling things down to the essentials!

  10. So, you have truly given up on Benchmade. I still carry after nearly 10 years a Benchmade; more often than not a 940. Liner locks just don’t do it for me in my later years.

  11. Cool updated EDC there, thanks for sharing buddy!

  12. You have to have a wallet that hurts your back just to afford the Para 3.

  13. How do you carry the Spyderco PM3 with out the pocket clip on it?

  14. #100LikesChallenge I'm going back on 100 of your videos and hitting that like button! I watch nearly every one of your videos and despite your reminders to hit the thumbs up, sometimes it simply doesn't happen. Thanks for sharing your content and if you appreciate the gesture I'd appreciate a simple 10 likes in return!

  15. I am a US military veteran, whose hearing and facial cranial nerves were permanently damage, by a sharp blast wave that almost knocked me down. Good clean natural sound, that does not give me ear and facial pain, is absolutely essential for me to watch a YouTube channel. I continue to enjoy your channel. Thank you!

  16. Got a link to the little lapel mics?

  17. https://youtu.be/6_FUZIdIme8

    Hey Cody. I am reaching out to try and get some help. You are a no nonsense kind of guy with a big stage. That’s what America needs to be educated on the above topic of FAA remote ID. It affects people like us and society as a whole. Right now we don’t have a chance because the drone and RC hobby community hasn’t reached America. I certainly can’t. Maybe you can. Please watch my video, digest some of the information, and give your thoughts. THIS IS A SERIOUS FIGHT!

    Thanks so much

  18. You probobaly should show your keys on camera like that as it is actually surprisingly easy to duplicate the keys from a photo.

  19. toss the HUT for an HKMP5 with a CCW for your EDC. you see? hehe

  20. IF your flashlight is like my Zebralight you can unscrew the battery cap 1/4 turn which will break the circuit and the flashlight won't turn on until you first tighten that battery cap again. If that doesn't work then try putting the battery in backwards. Assuming it's an LED flashlight, the LED itself will stop current flowing in the reverse direction.

  21. Great informative video @wranglerstar

  22. Honestly I loved my spiderco 3 untell it finally broke was a great nife but i didn't get what i needed out of it but definitely would buy another 👍

  23. That stove has to go! Lol. Love your EDC knife. When you get a chance, check out my collection at ShoeMonster Tech on the U Tube. tell me what you think ..thanks

  24. I bought the flashlight from the link you provided…. Its not the same. The one that came from your link requires 2 of those surefire type batteries. My own fault for not reading the description better….. was just going off your video 🙁 Just FYI.

  25. Nice dump I enjoy spyderco myself pm2 pm3 and the salt series are my go 2

  26. Would it make sense to build a barrel stove using 3 barrels? Would you get more heat?

  27. Always learn something when I watch your videos!

  28. I was so poor as a kid my mom used to cut holes in my pockets just so I’d have something to play with.

  29. Prolly the worst Valentine’s Day present suggestion but I appreciate the effort😂😂

  30. Quite honestly surprised he doesn’t have a CCW

  31. I always liked it when you added the local temperature 🌡in the corner of the video! [22° F] 👍

  32. I'm in my 50s. Never understood keeping a virus and bacteria ridden snot rag in my pocket.

  33. Hey i have one of them too! Carry it all the time too!!!

  34. how come u talk about ur grandad but not your dad

  35. When you said "Lucky Logger", I heard "Lucky Lager". I thought, "That rotgut beer is so bad, how can any promotional product gloves with their name on them be?"

    Lucky Lager was, as I just noted, a cheap, rotgut beer available in Northern California back in the 80's. I may still be around, for all I know, but I pity anyone who drinks it. I think it would make an alcoholic go on the wagon.

  36. Granddad was a Blood and your a Crip hmm… interesting y’all got along

  37. No clip on your knife? Just because it gets caught on things?

  38. I ran an Olight. For months and I would get it snagged getting out the car. Because it was smaller I found it slipping out- downside with that “convenience” of size is that it’ll wiggle out. And their button switch is complicated. Fine motor skills when it all goes south isn’t going to work well with that. IMO. But I love their tech and concepts.

  39. How long do winters last down there

  40. In the UK if we were carrying anything remotely like that knife you showed we would be facing imprisonment for minimum 2 years,,,

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