You Can Go Viral – Everyday City Carry Podcast 14

In this episode, the homie, Mroldman, stops by.  We discuss his growth on YouTube. How one of his videos went viral.  We dive deep into making videos for YouTube, photography, B-Roll, and vlogging. 

If you are thinking about starting a YouTube channel, this maybe the podcast for you.  This…


8 thoughts on “You Can Go Viral – Everyday City Carry Podcast 14”

  1. If you are interested in starting a YouTube channel, this podcast is like a quick look at what content creators go through. Mroldman's 2016 knife collection video has hit 3.9million views. He may know a thing or two about the process.

    This was a really fun one for me. Enjoy .

  2. YES! Was waiting to hear about when he would be on the podcast. I'm tellin' you man this format is going to turn out to be awesome . Alot to learn listening to the people who grace these videos. Good stuff Rai!

  3. This was perfect timing. I’ve been on the fence and all because of the apex passaround group. I want to review too but don’t want it to take away from my single full time father life. But the light topic — flashlights have saved my life in parking lots and if you have kids, have the light out for your little one to carry to make visibility higher in the crosswalks etc — and we all need a good light to show off the inside of our liners and knife specs obviously. I carry two daily lights clipped to the pocket, and they are both used daily. Even to play around and make cool effects, or for a photo light, or for anything under the furniture etc. I use my lights constantly — in fact we live in Sonoma county so we lose power for days on end intentionally, because pg&e can’t keep us safe with the power on I guess. So we go on blackout mode for weeks with The entire county blacked out. There is never a better time for a flashlight, and a high precision knife if you need to prep food in the dark!

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