Zenitco everyday carry flashlights review: Zenitka-2, Zenitka-2D, Zenitka-2MB – #edcvideos

Review of Zenitka line of everyday carry pocket flashlights (with an option to be mounted on a rifle). Anastasia will show kits of Zenitka-2, Zenitka-2D and …


  1. Анастасия, с каждым видео Ваш английский все лучше! Вы уверенно ведёте обзоры!

  2. Zentico/Anastasia, I just found your channel! I received the Perst4 this week and mounted the laser on a suppressed Sig 300 Blackout and love it! Keep up the great products from Iowa, USA;)

  3. Could you make a video about your different buttstocks and what features they have as well as type of application they would be most suitable for? For example if one stock would be better for long range marksmanship, where as another would be best suited for close quarters use in a home.

  4. Thank you for the overviews of your great products! I wish to find a woman like Anastasia in the USA.

  5. Can you make a video about the gear used by ФСБ Альфа?

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